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The Church of a Hundred Doors

Just a few minutes on foot from the port of Parikia, lies the Church of a Hundred Doors, built in 326 AD to fulfill a promise made by the wife of the Emperor Constantine while shipwrecked in Paros and one of the most richly beautiful churches in the Cyclades. The building is composed of three different churches: Agios Nikolaos, the largest, with magnificent columns of Parian marble and a wood-carved iconostasis in the east; the Orthodox Church of the Virgin Mary, and the Ancient Baptistery. The Byzantine Museum in the cloisters has a rich collection of icons and other religious artifacts. The current official name of the temple is Ekatontapyliani (Hundred Doors), which is also linked to a legend: 'Katapoliani has ninety-nine visible doors, the 100th has disappeared and is invisible. It will become visible when the Greeks retake Constantinople'.

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