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15th of August Paros

With services in the Church of a Hundred Doors on the 13th and 14th of August, festivities reach their peak on the 15th of August with the litany of the icon of the Virgin Mary and a procession through the streets of Parikia. Later, locals enjoy island music, dancing groups perform proudly and fireworks light up the night sky. Only nine days later, the mise-en-scene changes and the backdrop becomes Naoussa. The ninth day of Our Lady is the 'Corsairs' night, in which the men and women of Naoussa, dressed in traditional trousers, dresses, scarves and belts,remind of us of earlier, times with violins, the Greek 'tsampouna' and traditional dances. This feast is a treat for the ears and eyes and fills virtually every alleyway of Naoussa with night-long revelry.

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