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Rent a Car

We work together for your convenience Karent Rent a Car was founded in 2008 in Paros and serves you with various types of cars. For more than 10 years offers customers superior service, which continually improves and updates. Karent Rent a Car Service Stations can be found almost all over Paros and Antiparos through a large number of partner hotels and accommodations. Our network of specialized partners is constantly expanding to meet the needs and desires of our clients. The services include, apart from simple vehicle lease transfer one or more persons, chauffeur service, and one way rentals Karent Rent a Car and the number of employees we aim to provide superior service to its customers to meet all your wishes and we cover with our service your every need. In our continuous effort to improve, we welcome any suggestions or comments. We will be happy to contact us through our website under Contact Us.

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