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The Church of a Hundred Doors

The Church of a Hundred Doors (Panagia Ekatopiliani, in Greek) is the most historically important and best-preserved Christian Church of the Cyclades. Unique, impressive, imposing and containing several distinct and beautiful chapels inside. It takes its name from its plethora of doors, of which 99 can actually be seen: while the hundredth remains a mystery.

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Parospages cave of antiparos

The Cave of Antiparos

The cave of Antiparos is well worth a visit, since it is beautiful and is of both historic and archeological interest.

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Parospages ancient quaries

Ancient Marble Quarries

In the village of Marathi you can visit the quarries from which Parian Marble, regarded as the finest of all, was sourced and from which some of the greatest sculptures and buildings in the Ancient world were made.

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The Frankish Castle

The Frankish castle is located on the site of the Ancient Acropolis of Paros, on the hill of St. Konstantinos and from which you can admire both the sea view, sunsets and a panoramic view of Paroikia harbour.

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The Venetian Castle of Naoussa

What is left of Venetian Castle of Naoussa or Kasteli can be found at the end of the sea wall at the northern end of the harbor. The Castle, part of which has collapsed into the blue waters of the Aegean, is an interesting work of fortification from the Venetian dynasty of Sommaripa. The Russian Crimean fleet at one time had their headquarters here.

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Parospages loggovarda monastery

Monastery of Loggovarda

Only men may visit this monastery. Its day of celebration is the same day as Zoodochos Pigi, as its full name is The Holy Monastery of Zoodohos Pigi of Loggavarda. Nowadays, only seven monks and the abbot reside here.

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Archaeological Museum of Paroikia

One of the most important archeological museums in Greece, which is located next to Paroikia High School and includes findings from the Neolithic to the Early Christian period.

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An unhabited island off Paros and Antiparos of great archaeological interest with ongoing excavations and the renovation of an ancient temple and surrounding outbuildings, but also beautiful beaches.

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