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Paros & Antiparos

Water Sports in Paros and Antiparos

On the ample sands south of Pounta, the narrow channel between Paros and Antiparos creates near ideal conditions for Kite and Windsurfers, who come here either to learn, practice, perfect or share their skills. Paros is one of the foremost destinations for aficionadoes of this sport. There are now facilities on other beaches for this sport also. Paros is also ideally situated and equipped for sailing with several marinas and also mooring in several sheltered bays and tiny harbours. There are also facilities for water skiing and a school in Kolymbithres which caters for all age groups.

Canoeing Kite surfing
Scuba Diving

Open up an entirely new universe for yourself beneath the waves of the Aegean. Explore underwater caverns, impressive shipwrecks and still partly unexplained underwater structures. Spend time amongst our oldest ancestors, fish and with the oldest living creatures in the world, sponges. Beginners and experienced divers are catered for by several diving schools, staffed by highly trained and experienced staff, There are reefs in Prasonisi, Dryonissi, Pyrgaki bay, but there is also the an underwater canyon at Macronissio and the shipwrecks of the Beaufighter and the merchant ship Marianna.

On your bike!

For enthusiasts of cycling Paros provides a nearly ideal opportunity to ride either alone or as part of group, on mountain or off-road routes in the hinterland. You should always be equipped with the appropriate equipment that cycling needs, such as a bike in good condition, cycling helmet, plenty of water, some food and tools for any repairs. There is a possibility for cyclists to ride their bikes on the main roads but should be very aware of the dangers of cars. An ideal type of bicycle for the whole round of the island is, besides the mountain bike, the trekking bike. There is a wide variety of bicycles available for rent.

Horse Riding

What could be more idyllic than riding over the landscape of a Cycladic island on horseback? There are several places which offer facilities to do exactly that on Paros, both for experienced riders and the complete novice, and at least one place that gives you the option of riding your horse into the sea. Mermaid or merman on horseback? Been there, done it, posted the Instagram.

Martial Arts

There are a several martial arts schools in Paros teaching karate, tae-kwo-do and Krav Maga in Parikia, Naoussa and Ambelas. Beginning with the latest and recent martial art school created on the island, Krav Maga is an art whose philosophy is the preparation for self-defense in cases of violence. Karate, is a martial art which does not use gloves or a weapon but only hands and body.

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