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Easter in Paros


The biggest festivities in Paros are reserved for Greek Orthodox Easter. After the 40 days of lent the events of the resurrection are celebrated with greet feeling and deep reverence. Maundy Thursday commemorates the Christ's sacrifice upon the cross, the faithful sing hymns specifically which deepen their compassion for the suffering of Christ during his crucifixion. These service take place in all the monasteries and churches of the island. Good Friday Christ is taken down from the cross and interred in his tomb. In the villages of Marpissa, Marmara, Prodromos, Lefkes and Aspo Choriο there are staged representation of Christ's passion which are marvelled at in awe and wonder. At the monasteries of Loggovarda and Agioi Theodoroi there are night long services commemorating the suffering of the crucified Jesus.

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On Easter Saturday there is a great burst of joy and at 12 O clock midnight the cries of Christos Anesti, 'Christ is Risen', fill the streets. On Easter Sunday people go to the country and spit roast lamb dance and celebrate. In the port of Naoussa all of the bars cafes and shops are open from midday and there is a great celebration, dancing and music in modern style.

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