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About Paros & Antiparos

The island of Paros is at the epicentre of the Aegean, one of the central islands of the group known as the Cyclades, opposite Antiparos, facing West. If you are looking for tranquility, relaxation, sun, sea and an unspoilt island, there is no destination more suitable than Greece and the Cyclades. Lovers of good food will be delighted by the flavours of the local & Mediterranean cuisine of the island and the excellent local wine. Finally, the comfortable and often luxurious accommodation offered by hotels, rooms to let and villas of Paros and Antiparos will make your visit truly unforgettable.


The 15th of August is thrillingly celebrated in Paroikia, the capital of Paros, and locals gather with great reverence to admire the sky lit up by fireworks. After a procession of the icon of the Virgin along the coastal road of Paroikia, traditional Greek music and dances take place. With the same enthusiasm, on the 24th of August, the Virgin Mary and the Feast of the Corsairs is celebrated in Naoussa. At sunset, pirates and the locals of Naoussa begin a depiction of a metaphorical battle to capture the women's eyes and hearts. Traditional souma (the local raki), dances, festivities and high spirits are the main characteristics of this evening. Another event worth noting is the three day festival of Agia Marina, 15-17 July in Antiparos, which is locally regarded as unmissable. The entire local population, as well as visitors to the island, throw themselves wholeheartedly into the celebrations taking place.

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The main harbor of the island is located in Paroikia where ferries arrive regularly and daily from both Piraeus and Rafina. There are also ferries to and from the other islands of the Cyclades and Crete. Alternatively, you can come by plane. The new airport of the Island is 9 km from the port of Parikia, near Aliki, and operates 40 minute flights to and from Athens airport as well as from from Heraklion in the summer. Paros is also connected by direct flights to other international airports.

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With an excellent road network, one of the best in the Cyclades, it is possible to criss-cross the island remarkably quickly. Frequent local buses, taxis and a variety of car and motorbike rental offices make it even easier to circumnavigate the island.

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