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Discover Paros and Antiparos

From the charm and bustle of historic Paroikia, the idyllic beauty and hectic nightlife of Naoussa, kite-surfing in Pounta, stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, to the gentle charm of boutique shops and the secluded beaches of Antiparos and the ancient temple at Despotiko. Whether you hire a luxury villa with an infinity pool, stay in a boutique hotel or simply rent a room, you will sample a glimpse of the Cyclades at their very best: a holiday experience and way of life which, one hopes, remains eternal.

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Choose your Destination

Each village in Paros has its own special character with beautiful picturesque alleyways and enchanting beaches. Opposite Paros is the island of Antiparos with its charming harbour, sandy beaches, as well as the famous Antiparos Cave. Use our virtual guide to the villages of Paros and Antiparos to choose the ideal destination for your holiday.

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Wellness in Paros

As befits an island so peaceful and natural there are many healing and health giving courses and treatments available throughout Paros. Yoga, Pilates, Shiatsu, various massage therapies, meditation classes - you name it, it’s here.


Weddings in Paros

What could be more romantic or idyllic than to be married in a whitewashed Greek church overlooking the sea as the sun goes down? Or in the oldest continually used Christian church in the world, showered with rice and captured by some of the islands finest wedding photographers and videographers. Place your dream marriage in the hands of the experienced wedding planners of the island.

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Shops & Businesses in Paros and Antiparos

Do you want a new swimsuit? Clothes, accessories, or souvenirs for your loved ones? Find everything you need in a wide range of shops in Paros and Antiparos. Also, find every professional for the needs of your home and more.

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